Fire and accidental damage cover are most important when choosing van insurance

In a recent survey performed by a van insurance provider, it was found that 42% of UK van drivers consider fire and accidental damage cover as the priority when choosing van insurance.

The van insurance firm interviewed 1200 van drivers, asking what they considered the most important van insurance criteria and found that fire and accidental damage ranked higher than breakdown cover, legal liability, van contents and theft or deliberate damage.

When questioned about the most important van insurance criteria, the five options were listed in the following priority:

  1. Fire and accidental damage = 41.8%
  2. Theft or deliberate damage = 35.2%
  3. Legal liability = 11.5%
  4. Van contents = 7.1%
  5. Breakdown = 4.4%

At Van Compare, the UK van insurance comparison site, van drivers have a wide range of insurers and policies to choose from. Van insurance can be tailored to the individual, so any or all of the above criteria can be catered for in your van insurance quotes.

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