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At vancompare.com, we make it easy to compare specialist Tipper Van insurance in minutes by collaborating with the UK’s top insurance companies. To find out more about insuring your Tipper, read our handy guide below.


Why is Tipper Van insurance different to normal Van insurance?

Usually found on building sites, Tipper trucks will require specialist cover. Tipper Vans and trucks have the ability to transport large quantities of loose substances such as sand, rubble and building hardcore and are equipped with some form of tipping mechanism. As this makes the overall cost of the Van more expensive, the higher risk of theft and cost of replacement parts will in turn increase the overall premium.

A tipper Van is going to require a very specific policy to outline where, when, and how your tipper will be used, stored and secured. As a result, Tipper Van insurance is likely to cost more than insuring a standard van and you’ll want to make sure you’re fully protected financially if you need to make a claim.

What type of cover do I need to insure my Tipper?

If you own a tipper Van, it’s likely that you’re using it for work so first off, you’re going to need a business van insurance policy. Business Van insurance is going to cover you for the extra risk involved with carrying or transporting tools, materials and equipment and ensures you’re covered in the event of loss, damage, or theft.

Under your business policy, you will also need to make sure you are covered for “carriage of own goods” which refers to the tools, equipment, and materials you use for work on a daily basis.

In the unlikely event that you have purchased a tipper Van for personal use or to deliver goods to customers, you should refer to either Private Van Insurance or Courier insurance respectively. The type of use of the van will always have a big impact on the overall cost.

What are the levels of cover for Tipper Van Insurance?

As with a standard van or car, there are 3 main levels of cover for Tipper Truck insurance. Usually, the lower the cover, the lower the price however, this can vary based on your personal history and the insurance company itself. Once you’ve chosen the type of insurance you need, it’s a good idea to take the time to compare Tipper Van insurance to establish what cover and protection you will get from each different level.

  • Third Party Only

    This is the lowest level of cover the minimum required by UK law. In the event of an accident that is your fault, only damages or injuries to third parties will be covered. The cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle, medical or legal expenses will rest solely on you. You also won’t be covered if your Tipper, or its contents is stolen. While the cost of this type of cover is usually lower, the financial burden placed on you in the event the worst happens could see you out of work and out of pocket.

  • Third Party, Fire & Theft

    Much the same as third party only but includes cover for if your Tipper is stolen or subject to fire. This is the minimum recommended level of cover for business use but still falls short of the financial protection you need as a business owner.

  • Fully Comprehensive

    As it may suggest, fully comprehensive Tipper insurance will provide the maximum level of cover possible. You will be covered for repair or replacement of your vehicle regardless of the situation or who was at fault. Being covered from financial loss is crucial to ensuring your business can carry on as normal in the event of an accident, loss, theft, or damage.

What extras are there for Tipper Van insurance?

Additional policy addons can help increase your existing cover or provide protection from other unforeseen factors. It’s advisable to check whether you are already covered on another business or home insurance policy before adding extras.

  • Tool Insurance

    Cover your tools while in transit or while stored overnight. If you depend on your tools to earn a living, this cover is an absolute must.

  • Legal Protection

    For any legal disputes involving your tipper, adding legal protection to your policy will help to cover any unforeseen costs. For example, the cost of claiming compensation following an accident or loss of earnings while your van is being repaired would be covered.

  • Public Liability

    Tipper Vans are bigger and have more moving parts than a standard Van. In the event that you cause injury to a member of the public or damage their property, you will be glad to have added public liability insurance to your policy.

  • Breakdown Cover

    It goes without saying that breakdown cover is essential. Getting back on the road as quickly as possible will mean loss of earnings are reduced and your business won’t suffer financially as a result.

  • European Cover

    If you plan to drive on the continent, you’ll need to make sure you’re properly covered. However, you should note any restrictions carefully as most European policy addons will limit the number of journeys or trips you can make in a year and could also restrict cover in certain European countries.

  • No Claims Bonus Protection

    If you have been driving your Tipper Van for a while and have built up a decent no claims bonus, you might want to consider protecting it. If you need to make a claim, your NCB discount won’t be affected.

How can I save money on Tipper Van insurance?

There are a few other factors to consider when applying for or renewing your Tipper insurance which could help you to save further. Here are the best and often quickest ways to save money on your premium.

  • Pay upfront

    Paying your insurance premiums upfront is guaranteed to save you money. That’s because a monthly payment policy is likely to include interest and therefore pushes your premium up.

  • Increase your excess

    Most Tipper insurance policies will have a compulsory excess. You can then stipulate a voluntary excess to pay in the event of a claim. Raising this amount will bring down your premium however, you should always make sure its affordable. In the event of a claim, you’ll need to pay both the compulsory and voluntary excess upfront before the insurance company will process your claim.

  • Park safe overnight

    If you can park on an enclosed driveway or in a garage overnight, this is going to be favourable in the eyes of the insurance company. Parking safer reduces the risk of theft and will help bring that premium down.

  • Add better security

    Installing an alarm, immobiliser or tracking device will help to reduce the risk of theft and is looked upon favourably by the insurer. Adding extra locks or deadbolts often helps reduce your premium too.

  • Limit named drivers

    Removing any younger, less experienced drivers from your policy or those with driving convictions or claims against them will help reduce the overall risk of the vehicle being involved in an accident and in turn, will help lower your renewal premium.

  • Shop around!

    Of course, the quickest way to save money when insuring your Tipper is to shop around and compare van insurance prices. Finding the best deal with vancompare.com is quick and our intuitive online smart forms mean you get access to the best deals in minutes.

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