Shocking Video Released to Show the Danger of Using Your Phone While Driving

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) released a shocking new video earlier this month to raise awareness of how dangerous driving affects others.

FTA Campaigns for Safer Driving

The short film titled ‘One Fateful Day’ shows a van driver high on drugs and distracted by his mobile phone. It is also revealed that his vehicle is defective before the climax shows a collision with a child who is fatally injured.

Watch the video here.

The video was designed to show how many crashes (and their repercussions) could be avoided if both drivers and their culpable managers abided by best practice recommendations.

Mark Cartwright, Head of Vans and LCVs at the FTA, said:

“This film has been a few years in the making but I wanted to create something that would really hit home and resonate. The story we’ve used illustrates some of the typical failings we see amongst van operators who think they’re compliant but are only paying lip service. ”

“Van safety is a serious business and it’s vital that operators understand the consequences of not treating it as a priority. This film clearly outlines what can happen from the perspective of the driver, operations manager and company owner. It will serve as a wake-up call to those who are currently turning a blind eye to many of the issues highlighted.”

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