Bad Drivers Costs Fleets £560 Extra in Fuel Per Year

Being a good, safe driver will not only mean you will minimise your risk of getting into an accident and save money on your insurance premiums, but it will also save your business money.

New research has revealed a bad driver can cost a fleet an extra £560 a year in fuel. The study of 319,000 journeys and 2,000 drivers by Direct Line found bad drivers end up needing to refuel more often as they brake and accelerate excessively, and smooth drivers do many more miles to the gallon.

So, poor driving can increase the likelihood of an accident and will see you filling up at the petrol station more often, but there’s more. Bad driving can also accelerate wear and tear, and parts such as tyres and brake pads will need replacing much sooner. This, of course, affects running costs for a business.

Regular refresher training and assessments are a handy way of ensuring drivers maintain high-quality driving standards and keep costs down. You could also save money by comparing quotes for van insurance online. See if you can save by requesting a quote.

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