Why the Old Van in Your Yard is a Safety Risk

Many van fleet owners have that old vehicle that is no longer fit for day-to-day work, but is kept as a run around - like a workhorse that is being run into the ground. This could be a huge health and safety risk, which can affect your insurance premiums.

These OVYs (old vans in the yard) are also used on occasion as a back-up should one of the main vehicles require maintenance or workloads temporary increase. This is where things get complicated.

Although not a part of the ‘main van fleet’, on occasion they are being used as such - meaning they are legally recognised as a fleet vehicle and need to be insured as so. As a result, these dilapidated vans should also have the same strict servicing and regular inspections as any other van.

A solution could be either to insure these vans or to get rid of them and use short term rentals where required. Replacements may cost more than insuring the old vehicle, but can you put a cost on safety?

Wondering how much your OVY would cost to insure? Compare van insurance quotes online with us.

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