How UK Speed Limits Differ by Load

You’d be forgiven for thinking that all vehicles are subject to the same speed limits when driving on UK roads. Speed limits are as below, right?

Built-up areas: 30mph

Single carriageways: 60mph

Dual carriageways: 70mph

Motorways: 70mph

Well, no, not if you’re hauling a heavy load.

Lower Speed Limits for Heavy Vehicles

If your van exceeds two tonnes when fully loaded the speed limit drops by 10mph on carriageways to:

Single carriageways: 50mph

Dual carriageways: 60mph

Whereas, if you’re pulling a trailer, motorway speed limits also decrease 10mph to 60mph.

Should Your Van Be Limited?

By UK law, if your van or truck has a gross vehicle weight of 3.5tonnes or more, it should have a speed limiter. This restricts their performance and ensures these large vehicles are safely driven.

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