The Latest Vehicle Safety Innovations of 2017

Read the news or some of your favourite motoring blogs and you’ll be familiar with the stories about making driving easier, greener and, above all else, safer. But how are manufacturers doing this? Here is a quick round-up of the latest innovations in the vehicle sector this year:

Self-Driving Vans

Self-driving cars have already been tested on real roads, so self-driving vans are the natural next step. In fact, some have already been designed. There will be an autonomous Mercedes Vanguard with a drone delivery system for couriers, and another was revealed at Wired 2016 which could be built out of lightweight materials in just four hours.

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Safety AI

Self-parking cars already exist, however, Netradyne, a tech company based in the US, has designed an AI system which can identify cars, pedestrians and other factors, such as traffic lights. This will notify the driver of any approaching hazards or if their driving is unsafe (tailgating, speeding etc.) minimising the likelihood of an accident.

Zero Emissions Vehicles

Carbon emissions have long been an issue, especially in big cities, and this week it was revealed that new diesel and petrol vehicles will be banned in the UK from 2040.

To tackle these environmental issues, the Department for Transport, Innovate UK, Haydale Composite Solutions and Arcola energy are currently partnering on the creation of a zero-emission drivetrain which will incorporate a 3.5ton van and be powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

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Vans Use 20% More Fuel When Almost Full

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Although this tech is new and exciting, much of it won’t be available to the average driver for quite some time and even then self-driving or vans with AI will need insurance.

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