Ford is Tackling UK Pollution with £4.7m Grant for Hybrid Vans

Ford has been given £4.7million by the UK government to trial a series of plug-in hybrid vans across London in a bid to encourage the use of low-emissions vehicles. The vehicle manufacturer will trail 20 vehicles across the site, which are hoped to help tackle climate change and reduce the city’s levels of air pollution which currently break European standards.

These hybrid vans run on an electric battery, but have a combustion engine to fall back on if needed, and have a range of around 30 miles (50km) per charge. This trial will analyse their suitability for city life, however there are doubters who claim the short distance capabilities and lack of charging points will have a detrimental effect on the outcome.

It is claimed that Ford aims to become the first car maker to mass-manufacture plug-in hybrid vans in 2019. Would you drive one if Ford is successful?

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