Potholes Are a Top Concern for Van Drivers

In a recent survey, Mercedes-Benz Vans asked 2,000 van drivers what their main concerns were in order to form a manifesto for the new government. At the top of the list, by quite a margin, was repairing potholes.

Why did potholes top the list? Well, the research revealed that two-thirds of those surveyed claimed to have had to pay for pothole related repairs in the last year - 8% also said they had to pay more than £1,000 on these repairs.

The 10 Main Road Policy Priorities for Van Drivers

  1. Pothole repair: 60%
  2. Better parking provision in town: 43%
  3. Investment in bypasses to ease bottlenecks: 34%
  4. Widening motorways: 24%
  5. Increased traffic police presence: 19%
  6. Fewer speed cameras: 17%
  7. More speed cameras: 16%
  8. Better training for professional drivers: 14%
  9. Abandoning Smart Motorway schemes: 6%
  10. More toll roads: 4%

Mercedes-Benz Vans UK’s managing director Steve Bridge said:

“Our research clearly highlights that potholes and congestion actually cost these hard-working business men and women serious amounts of money, both in repair bills and time lost, which isn’t acceptable.”

The manufacturer also recommends having your vehicle checked by a trained technician should you be unable to avoid a particularly deep pothole.

Insure Against Your Main Concerns

Sometimes potholes are unavoidable, so avoid hefty repair fines by ensuring you have suitable van insurance. Compare van cover quotes with us to ensure you’re getting a competitive price for your policy.

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