Vans Were Driven Further Than Ever in 2016

Vans clocked up more miles on UK roads last year than ever before says the Department for Transport (DfT). According to the organisation, vans drove 2.2 billion miles more on British roads in 2016, thanks (in part) to increased demand for online shopping delivery services.

The DfT has reported that van mileage grew more quickly than any other vehicle type, increasing 4.7% annually to 49.1billion. Overall, traffic is up 2.2% on last year with a total of all vehicles reaching 323.7 billion miles.

Over the long term, van mileage has increased by 18.7% - more than three times the 5% increase seen with cars. Whereas since 2007, bus mileage has continued to decrease year-on-year, the most recent drop being 7.7%.

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