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Speacialist Partners

Specialist Partners

You get access to our panel of our twenty leading UK van insurance broker and underwriter partners, which means you can be sure you’re comparing the cheapest van insurance quotes the UK market has to offer.

Quick Comparisons

Quick Comparisons

Unlike many other van insurance websites, our smart forms allow you to quickly compare and buy van insurance quotes in under three minutes. After all, it shouldn’t take all day!

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We have a dedicated UK-based call centre allowing you to get the best advise on your van insurance from our team of experts. It’s what we do.

Are there different types of Van Insurance?

Yes. Van Insurance is categorised into three main policy types: Third party only, Third party, fire & theft and Fully Comprehensive. Any of these insurance types will allow you to drive your van legally on UK roads, however the level of cover you will receive varies significantly between each:

Fully Comprehensive

This is the maximum level of cover offered by leading van insurance companies. Comprehensive van insurance covers you for all of the above plus the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle in the event of an accident.

Third Party Only

This is the minimum amount of cover you are required to have under UK laws. Third party van insurance in theory covers everyone and anyone except you, the driver. In the event you cause an accident or damage to other people, their vehicles or their property, your policy will cover them. In the event of an accident whereby you are at fault, third party only insurance won’t cover the cost of repairs to your own Van, damage to personal property or tools or any personal medical expenses. You’re also not covered in the event your van is stolen. While Third Party Only is not the obvious best choice, it’s usually a great choice for younger drivers and those searching for low cost Van Insurance.

Third Party, Fire & Theft:

This level of insurance provides the same as third party only with the added additional benefit of cover against fire and theft.


How can I get Cheaper Van Insurance?

You can lower the cost of your Van insurance by taking several factors into consideration. Drivers with a good no claims bonus usually get reduced premiums whilst changing the voluntary excess or improving security features can have a big impact on your van insurance quote.

No-Claims Discount:

Insurance providers will offer a discount on your annual premium for each year you have been driving without making a claim. The likelihood of receiving a lower van insurance quote is greatly enhanced by the more years you can accumulate.

Voluntary Excess:

Your excess is the amount you must pay in advance to the insurance company when making a claim. In most cases, the higher your excess is, the lower your premium will become. Insurance providers usually add a compulsory excess too, so make sure you check to see if its affordable should you have to make a claim.

Security Features:

Adding additional security such as an approved alarm, immobiliser or tracking device could make your Van Insurance Cheaper. Adding dead bolts and upgrading locks could also help in reducing your premiums.

Do I need Commercial or Private Van Insurance?



If you’re only looking to van for non-business related trips, you can opt for private Van insurance which covers you for social, domestic and pleasure usage.


If you use your vehicle for work in any capacity, you’ll need business Van Insurance, which includes travelling to and from more than one fixed location. Commercial Van Insurance is usually split into three main categories which are Carriage of Own Goods (i.e your own tools & equipment), Courier (delivering goods to multiple locations) and Haulage (i.e delivering goods from a supplier to one location).

What information do I need to Compare Van Insurance?

Getting a quote for Cheap Van insurance is easy using our quick three minute online form. To compare quotes, you’ll need your vehicle details, any recent insurance documentation and details of any claims or convictions you might have had in the past.

Vehicle Information

You will need the details of your Van’s make, model, age, registration and any modifications. Most of this info can easily be found on the vehicles V5 registration document.

Recent Insurance

If you have had van insurance in your own name in the past, having these documents to hand can help to speed up the online quote comparison process and give info on your no-claims bonus if you have one.

Your Personal Info

As well as the obvious name, address and age, you will need the details of any previous claims you have made and any driving convictions such as speeding fines. Having your driver’s licence to hand when getting Van insurance quotes online can also be helpful.

What is the best Van Insurance for me?

Insurance companies use your information to assess and manage the risk of offering you a policy. Many different factors are taken into consideration and every quote is unique.

Based on your historical info, Van insurance prices and policy levels can vary depending on your circumstances. You should weigh up the pros and cons of each type of insurance policy on offer. We recommend using our platform to get a variety of van insurance quotes for different levels of cover. Use these to make comparisons on overall cost, level of cover and any additional features such as no claims protection and breakdown cover.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We know comparing van insurance can be a daunting task, however, we’ve made it our mission to make the process as easy as possible for you. We have curated a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding van insurance. If these don’t answer your question, you can always visit our help centre.

1. Can I get a quote if I don’t own the van yet?

Yes, you can still get quotes if you haven’t purchased your van yet. Simply enter the details of the van you intend to purchase (make, model & edition), or the registration number if you know it and you can go ahead and generate your van insurance quotes.

2. Do you offer competitive insurance quotes?

We are the UK’s largest specialist van insurance comparison website and generated millions of quotes every year. We have partnered with dozens of the countries' leading brokers and underwriters which allows us to offer you some of the most competitive van insurance prices available on the market. If you’re looking for the cheapest price then you’ve come to the right place.

3. How long does it take to get a quote?

We pride ourself in making it as easy as possible for our customers to compare insurance online or over the phone. Unlike a lot of our competitors, we invest heavily in our technology as we believe user experience should be the number one priority. As a result, our web journey allows you to compare dozens of van insurance quotes in under three minutes.


4. Can I insure multiple vans?

If you’re wanting to insure multiple vans you’ll be looking for fleet insurance. Fleet insurance is designed to make your life easier by allowing you to insurance all your different vans under the same policy. Insuring your vans under a fleet policy can have a number of advantages over insuring them individually:

  1. Receive a bulk discount
  2. Comprehensive cover
  3. ‘Any Driver’ Policy

If you are interested in a fleet policy, please call our fleet specialists on 0333 202 6245.

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