Winter tyres will not invalidate your commercial van insurance

After much speculation the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has officially announced that the use of specialist winter tyres on your commercial vehicle will not invalidate your insurance. During a radio interview last week, an AA spokesman discussed the concern surrounding the new winter tyres, which have a speed rating lower than the standard specification.

In the interview an ABI spokesman replied to these concerns, stating that: “Snow tyres should not be considered to be a material modification and as a result they should not impact on your premium. What is important however is to ensure these tyres are fitted by a reputable garage or dealer.”

Reports have been emerging from some quarters that several insurance companies are increasing their premiums for vehicles fitted with winter tyres. This ABI statement should universally rubbish the fallacy that a vehicle fitted with winter tyres has in fact been ‘modified’. This leaves consumers to mere conjecture as to explain the actions of some insurers.

The benefits of fitting winter tyres during periods of snow and ice are plentiful. In conditions below 7oC they work far better than normal tyres as the tyre compound being used does not harden in the same way, allowing far more grip on the road surface. Stopping distances under braking are also considerably reduced.

There are also potential cost savings to be made. Once the initial outlay for a set of inexpensive steel rims has been made, the price of winter tyres is less than that of standard tyres as they are that much smaller. Therefore, drivers can save their standard tyres and alloy wheels for the winter months, cutting down drastically on wear and tear.

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