Who are the UK’s brightest drivers? White van men!

In a recent survey undertaken by one of the UK’s largest insurance companies, it was found that contradictory to many people’s preconceptions, van drivers, as a group, are in fact the smartest of all road users.

The research, which quizzed over 3,000 motorists, found van drivers to be the most regular bookworms, the most interested in politics and dedicated to keeping fit. Maybe more predictably, they were also voted the best at fixing your boiler.

Despite the fact that van drivers were the least likely to have a degree, half of them were in a position where they were running their own business, compared to sports car drivers, 83% of whom worked for someone else.

Well over 70% of van drivers admitted to being interested in politics, which was easily the highest percentage of all the groups, while half were proud to admit they enjoyed a good book, compared to just one in ten of sports car drivers. In a rather damning indictment for bikers, they admitted to ‘hating’ politics and ‘never’ reading.

A spokesperson from Aviva, commented: “It’s great to prove what we already knew - van drivers are switched on and enterprising. Gone are the days of the traditional white van man stereotype. Our research shows white van men are enterprising and interested in the wider world around them.”

The research also showed, much to the van drivers credit, after a hard day’s work they were much more likely to catch a news bulletin or documentary than anything else on television, and of all the drivers questioned - the least likely to watch reality TV.

Another string to the van driver’s bow: they are handy around the house too. Half of the van driver respondents would opt to have a go at fixing household appliances themselves when they broke down, rather than paying for help.

However, it’s not all good news. Apparently the average van driver does not know the difference between red and white wine.

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