White Van is Safest Say Van Insurance Comparison Site Statistics

They have long been the most hated road users in the UK but, according to new van insurance comparison site statistics, white van men are actually the safest van drivers on the roads! According to these interesting van insurance comparison site numbers, white vehicles are less likely to be involved in crashes than vans in alternative colours!

When you look at the information provided by figures from a van insurance comparison site, you’ll realise that actually the figures are nothing to do with how good or bad white van men are behind the wheel. The reason for the lower ‘collision rate’ is completely down to the colour of their vans! Alongside white vans; cream, beige and yellow vehicles are also less prone to crashes.

These van insurance comparison site numbers make fascinating reading, and the factor behind them is visibility. White vans are the most visible vehicles in every level of light which means that other road users are far more likely to be able to avoid them in a crash situation! Interestingly, after dark, the figures level out.

Conversely, the van insurance comparison site statistics revealed that silver vans are 10% more likely to be involved in a crash and, scarily, black automobiles have a 12% higher chance of contributing to an accident.

The real surprise is the noticeable difference than van colour makes to road safety. A few percentage here or their in the van insurance comparison site statistics would not be news, but because colour seems to play such a key role in road safety the figures are significant.

How the colour of your van alters the quotes that a van insurance comparison site gives you is something you should perhaps bear in mind when buying a new van and using a van insurance comparison site to insure your motor. Even if black is your favourite colour, it might be worth becoming fond of lighter colours!

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