Whatever happened to the four wheel drive van?

How common are four wheel drive vans? The answer: not very. But why did four wheel drives never catch on? Practically speaking there are distinct advantages a four wheel drive van carries over its two wheel drive alternative. Four wheel drives offer a lot more traction making them popular with off-road drivers and those who encounter harsh weather conditions. They are ideal for hauling heavy loads, making them an enticing proposition for van drivers. They are also particularly adept on slippery surfaces.

There are a number of four wheel drive vans currently available on the market. However, unlike the huge increase of four wheel drive cars on the roads of Britain, the van market has just never quite followed suit.

Those that sold have done so in limited numbers, and mostly businesses with a requirement for their vans to be able to occasionally drive off road safely, without getting stuck or sacrificing their carrying ability. The armed forces are of course a regular customer, as are the emergency services in more rural areas.

A few examples of the four wheel drive vans on the market include:

  • Mercedes Sprinter 4 x 4
  • Ford Transit AWD
  • Volkswagen Transporter 4Motion
  • Iveco Daily 4 x 4

Since van operators are aware of costs in a way private car owners are not, businesses will never spend the extra cash required to buy a four wheel drive unless they have a real requirement for one. If you require a four wheel drive for a one off job it may be possible to hire, however the number of vans available is limited such is the lack of demand.

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