Virgin Media Release Themed Vans: Van Insurance News Investigates

Last week Virgin Media revealed their brand new cohort of fun, pop-culture inspired vans! Van insurance news reports...

If you have been hunting for van insurance online you may have stumbled across a poll by Mr Branson’s company asking you to rate your favourite on-screen vans and automobiles. The poll took into consideration the views of over 1000 van insurance seekers and general browsers and the results were used to create a whole new fleet of attention-grabbing vehicles for Virgin Media.

The top iconic vehicles, as voted by the public, included the Dukes of Hazard’s General Lee, the A-Team van, Starsky and Hutch’s Gran Torino, Herbie, Scooby Doo and co’s Mystery Machine and Greased Lightning from the musical Grease! All of these iconic cars and vans will form Virgin Media’s new promotional vehicles. The expense of rare, complex car and van insurance clearly isn’t a problem for this inventive company!

The launch of the vans came complete with Daisy Duke and Mr T lookalikes, unfortunately your TiVo box will not be delivered by Mr T himself, however the A-team van turning up on your doorstep is still sure to bring a smile to your face.

Of course, when you take such eye-catching and unique vehicles on the road it can be difficult to find cheap car or van insurance. Getting van insurance for unusual vehicles can be a real hassle and a great expense. Even here at Van Compare modified vans are just about the only vehicles we can’t provide van insurance for! Interestingly though, if your van has text and sign writing on it we may actually be able to offer you discounted rates, but that’s as modified as it gets!

Fortunately, on-screen heroes like Mr T and Scooby Doo do not need to worry about silly things like van insurance, they will be too busy calling you a Crazy Fool and unmasking villains dressed as monsters, but Richard Branson et al will certainly have to shoulder the cost of rare van insurance. Clearly this is a very carefully thought out marketing strategy, in which the cost of building and launching these iconic machines, as well as the cost of providing car and van insurance for them is vastly outweighed by the attention and business that these vans will provide for the company.

We don’t know who on earth Scooby, Mr T and Daisy Duke found to provide their van insurance but, here at www.vancompare.com, we can insure your normal van at extremely competitive rates. As long as you’re not trying to insure a van that’s been modified to look like an octopus Van Compare can help you find the perfect van insurance for your needs. Call us on 08000357111 or explore our website to find the best van insurance deal possible!

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