Van Scams Rampant: Van Insurance News Reports

Van theft is becoming more and more rampant in the UK and, as more vans get stolen, more vans with shady histories get sold. Van insurance news investigates the emerging problem and suggests some ways to avoid buying and arranging van insurance for stolen vans - only to have it returned to its original owner.

When buying a second hand van it is growing increasingly important to stay vigilant and wary. Van insurance news has seen numerous reports of shady dealers offering stolen vans as well as vans which have a questionable car finance history and some which aren’t even roadworthy.

The figures are worrying; 1 in 16 vans will have been in an accident which might have caused them to be written off by the previous owner’s van insurance provider. Dodgy dealers may be trying to sell these written off vans, ignoring what the van insurance company has said.

Meanwhile, something nearing 1 in 8 vans could have had their number plates changed in order to escape outstanding finance. Although the figures and statistics look bleak, do not fear, Van insurance news has some top tips to stop you getting scammed!

The first and most important tip is to always, without fail, carry out an HPI check on any used van that you are looking into buying. Carrying out an HPI check will make sure that there is no dubious history relating to the van you are interested in. It will ensure that there is no outstanding finance, that the van has not previously been written off by a van insurance company and that the van has not been stolen.

Another tip from Van Insurance News is to check that your future van has not been clocked. A shady van dealer may lower the mileage of a van to get more cash for it. Also Van Insurance News suggests that you make certain that your used van has not been cloned to hide a questionable past. A thorough HPI check, again, can help with this.

According to Van Insurance News, another sign that a van might not be all that is seems is if the deal seems too good to be true, use a little common sense to avoid expense and hassle later. Ford Transits are currently the most stolen van around so Van Insurance News advises that you are especially thorough when checking out such LCVs.

Once you’ve ascertained that your ‘new’ used van is genuine and legal, you’ll need to look into getting some van insurance for your new motor. Van Compare is the best place on the web to find your perfect van insurance quote. Visit www.vancompare.com for a top deal from a top insurance brand, at a surprisingly low cost!

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