Van Parts Stolen ‘To Order’: Van Insurance Comparison News

News from Gloucestershire may make you want to get a new van insurance comparison quote, quick! Very few providers insure items kept in vans as standard, and judging by Gloucestershire’s spate of van robberies, it may be time to get a fresh van insurance comparison to get you the best van insurance comparison quote to protect your belongings.

According to businessman Des Brennan, his £2000 catalytic converter was stolen from his van during a robbery which seemed to have been carefully planned. Across Gloucestershire 40 catalytic converters have been stolen, just in August!

While your current van insurance comparison quote might cover your catalytic converter, most standard van insurance comparison quotes do not cover possessions kept within vans. Although the problem right now seems so be with catalytic converters, the spate of thefts points to organised and well planned van robberies. This could be bad news for those who travel with expensive tools for work. In such situations it may be worth your while looking into a new van insurance comparison quote which will cover both your van and its contents.

Aside from tracking down a better van insurance comparison, there are some steps you can take to look after your catalytic converter:

  • Where possible, park close to a wall to make it hard to get under your van
  • Purchase specialist bolts to securely weld your converter to your van
  • Get hold of protective sleeves which may also protect your converter
  • If you see someone under a van and think it is suspicious, inform the police

These thefts may be localised but the problem is set to increase. The economic downturn and the high value of scrap metal make van thefts much more likely. You can protect against damage to your van by getting a suitable van insurance comparison quote.

At Van Compare we provide the quick, easy and effective van insurance comparison quotes which you can specially tailor to suit your van insurance comparison requirements, whether you are after standard cover, or cover that will protect your van contents too. Use our simple online van insurance comparison tool now or call our expert team on 0800 035 711 today!

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