Van insurance firms to prepare drug driving crackdown

Coverage in the press regarding drink driving has been widespread over the last decade or so, which has led to a dramatic decrease in the number of drivers prepared to take such a risk. However, more and more it seems, drivers are replacing drink with drugs, and rather worryingly, it seems this crime is on the increase.

In fact, to emphasise the point, a recent report by a group of leading van insurance companies has revealed that drug use is well on the way to replacing drink as the biggest cause of individuals driving under the influence. It is thought that such an act is responsible for hundreds of road accidents every year, and is pushing up the cost of van insurance quotes for those drivers who are entirely innocent.

In a particularly worrying statistic, 40% of young drivers admitted to have driven whilst on drugs, with nearly one in six of those admitting that their driving had been “impaired”. Just less than a fifth admitted to being “very impaired” behind the wheel. Van insurance companies have made their intentions to cut down on the practice perfectly clear.

Although the extent of the problem only seems to have entered the public domain recently, many action groups have been campaigning against the issue for years and are glad that the enormity of the situation has finally become clear.

A motor insurance spokesman, said: “People seem to think that they can get away with drug-driving more easily than they can drink-driving, however, this is merely a myth.

While it is technically prosecuted under the same law as drink-driving, driving under the influence of drugs is a more severe crime as the taking of drugs in itself is an illegal act. So drivers are likely to get prosecuted for driving under the influence as well as possession.”

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