Van Insurance Customers have Questionable Music Taste

The January blues is a well known phenomenon throughout the UK. The Christmas holidays are a mere memory, finances are tight and the unrelenting slog through the winter months begins in earnest. But wait, do not despair, at least the van insurance customers of the UK can cheer themselves up by singing along to their stereos! However, recent research raises the question, should UK van insurance customers actually be allowed stereos at all? You can decide for yourself - here are the top tunes enjoyed by van insurance customers...

The results are in, and in first place, the song most van insurance customers sing to shake off the January blues is... Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, closely followed by (drum roll please) Phil Collins with Easy Lover.

First things first, this is not a joke, this is actual research carried out with 1,000 real van insurance customers. Which begs the question, what on earth is going on?

The results from the survey found a staggering 64% of van drivers voted the classic Queen song their favourite to belt out whilst navigating their way around our roads, with just over half of the respondents knowing every single lyric.

Following the great Phil Collins was another van insurance customers’ favourite, Meat Loaf, with his anthemic Bat out of Hell, closely followed by Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire.

Hot on the heels of the American rockers was perhaps the most surprising and troubling entry in the top five of our January blues van insurance customers’ favourites, Rihanna with Only Girl in the World, with 35% bold enough to admit to turning the music up and singing along.

If you’re looking for cheap van insurance quotes then no matter how questionable your music taste, it’s a good idea to concentrate fully on the road ahead, so although singing is fine, dancing is to be avoided at all costs.

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