Van insurance claims soar as cold weather damages UK roads

The UK, usually known for having some of the safest roads in Europe, has seen the recent harsh winter weather take its toll. The safety of British drivers is being compromised by the sudden increase in the number of potholes, which have been caused by the unusually cold winter that the UK has experienced this year.

Potholes are caused when cold water drips into cracks in a damaged surface. When the water in the cracks starts to freeze, it expands putting pressure on the road. Salt used by councils to grit roads can also have an adverse effect on a road surface, when it is driven down into a crack.

This winter, many car and van drivers have been forced to make insurance claims because of accidents caused when they swerve to avoid potholes. However, driving over a hole in the road can be just as damaging to a vehicle. Van Drivers should be aware that driving over potholes can cause expensive damage including;

  • Damage to steering alignment
  • Damage to suspension
  • Damage to tyres

It is not surprising that the number of van insurance claims made as a result of driving over potholes has risen significantly this year as the UK has experienced one of the coldest winters on record. The severe weather has proved challenging for motorists and has seen the number of insurance claims rise.

With so many obstacles in the road, it is important that you consider Van insurance that covers you for every eventuality and in the unfortunate event of an accident, will provide you with a replacement van so you can still work. Van Compare, the van insurance comparison site, can help you find the right van insurance package at the right price, so you can tackle next winter safe in the knowledge that you have the insurance cover you need.

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