Van insurance claims could fall as police crackdown on people using iPods behind the wheel

A recent study suggests an increasing number of motorists on UK roads are using mp3 players whilst behind the wheel. This has resulted in police forces across the UK launching a crackdown to tackle this dangerous behaviour. Police are interpreting an existing law, which states that drivers are not to be distracted, to include iPods. Individuals caught using their mp3 player could face fines of £60 and 3 points on their licence.

Ellen Booth, the campaign officer for the road safety charity, Brake, supports the move, stating, “Driving is a very complex skill and requires drivers to be fully aware of everything going on around them, as well as having both hands on the wheel and not taking them off for reasons like changing a playlist.”

A spokesperson for the association of The Chief of Police Officers defends the initiative, “driving while using an iPod falls into the category of not being in proper control of a vehicle.” I hope this initiative will help reduce the number of accidents on UK roads in the future.

If the police crackdown does succeed in increasing the safety on our UK roads, then van drivers may benefit from lower insurance prices. Until this happens, van owners can still save money on their van insurance by contacting Van Compare. Our team of insurance specialists are dedicated to finding you the most suitable van insurance quotes on the market.

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