Van drivers warned about poor eyesight

Research has shown that more and more van drivers are failing to have their eyesight checked before getting behind the wheel of their van. A recent survey has revealed that over 20% of van drivers have not had an eye test in the past three years. Opticians advise an eye test at least once a year whether you have poor eyesight or not. Eyesight problems can strike at any time and it’s always important to check any changes in vision as quickly as possible.

This advice couldn’t be more important for van insurance customers with eyesight of such fundamental importance when out on the roads. Many accidents have been caused by poor eyesight and failure to see a hazard; accidents which could have been prevented by a routine eye test. Although failure to have an eye test could put other road users and pedestrians at risk, but many van drivers are still failing to take heed of the warnings. Many van insurance customers said they didn’t have time to take an eye test or there was no need.

However, van drivers spend such a large percentage of their time on the road it’s vital that they arrange regular eye tests. Many employers will actually issue vouchers or refund the money spent on an eye test to ensure their staff are not out of pocket. Other employers also make eye tests compulsory. This makes sense as their van insurance could be jeopardised and their reputation tarnished should one of their drivers cause an accident due to poor eyesight.

Anyone found driving without the corrective measures they need could be convicted and have 3 points added to their license. The law requires drivers to be able to read a number plate from 20 metres in order to pass the vision section of the driving test, and you could be stopped at any time by police and asked to take this test. New measures are in place to spot check drivers; if you fail this test you could be disqualified from driving.

Employers are being encouraged to make eye tests for those in the driving profession compulsory, with disciplinary measures being taken for late eye tests or those who ignore these rules. It’s highly important that van insurance customers take regular eye tests to ensure they are fit to drive.

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