Van drivers aren't bad drivers, confirms study!

As studied by TomTom Telematics, only 9% of van drivers have been engaged in a street car accident over the last year. Furthermore, 54% have their driving monitored by their boss and 34% get driver training.

The discovery challenges the perspectives of British drivers, revealed in an investigation published some time ago, in which van drivers ranked last when it came to which road users were viewed as the most secure or careful.

“The traditional ‘white van man’ stereotype may no longer be a fair one,” said Jeremy Gould, the company’s European sales vice-president, with a great deal having been achieved by LCV operators over recent years, helping to raise driving standards. Developments in telematics technology have enabled drivers and managers to work more closely, offering them useful insights and performance feedback for continuous driving improvement.”

His view was seconded by the Freight Transport Association's Head of Vans, Mark Cartwright, who included: “Van drivers are often unfairly maligned and, in some quarters, continue to shoulder an undeserved reputation. Initiatives such as the FTA Van Excellence scheme have been embraced by the industry, demonstrating its commitment to improving standards and increasing best practice awareness.”

As per the study, truck drivers were viewed as the most secure road users, with 33% of van drivers voting them top. Least safe in the study were cyclists, as voted by 33% of van drivers.

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