Transit Connect buyers to benefit from cheap van insurance

If only all van manufacturers, or manufacturers of any product actually, were suffering from the same trouble Azure Dynamics are currently facing. Azure is the company behind the electric version of the Ford Transit Connect, and is currently receiving such interest they are having to be picky as to who their customers are. Not only is the van a great product, it also provides the buyer with the added benefit of cheap van insurance.

Gary Whittam, the boss at Azure, explains: “It’s very important we don’t sell this vehicle to customers in locations which aren’t appropriate. Where they intend on using, charging and servicing the vehicle is vital. We are happy to say to some customers that they aren’t suitable for the vehicle. It’s important at the start to assess the customers; those driving predefined routes in a stop and start environment are the most suited.”

The high level of demand is all the more surprising given the Transit Connect’s price tag. Sitting just shy of £40,000, it certainly does not represent a cheap option and any savings which might be made from cheap van insurance are negligible in comparison.

The four dealers which will be first to offer the Connect were announced at the Commercial Vehicle show held back in April. Bristol, Warrington and two London dealerships are the initial ports of call although more will be added as the volumes increase.

In what is very much an experimental process, the first buyers have agreed to have their vans data-logged, allowing Azure to learn more about how the vehicles are used. The drivers are essentially guinea pigs helping to further the understanding of the usage patterns of these electrically powered vehicles, allowing Ford to further improve the service they provide.

If you are a commercial vehicle driver looking for cheap van insurance quotes then Van Compare provides a fantastic resource, allowing you to compare the prices of the nation’s leading insurers. Alternatively, if you have bought a new Ford Transit Connect, pop in your details and see just how much our cheap van insurance quotes will save you.

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