The Queen chose to add one more car to her collection, and this time it’s an electric van.

The Queen's garage saw a new electric van, which will be used by her gardeners for a growing number of events and maintenance at the Monarch’s London residence. The new charge point included in planners' designs suggests that the van won't have to leave the Palace grounds, but on the off chance that it does, it will be exempt from congestion charge.

However it’s not the first electric vehicle in her collection; in 2012, the first electric car the Queen was given was the ‘Twizy’ by Renault and it turned out to be one of her most loved cars. Another green power car in the Royal armada is a BMW i3 and hybrid 7-Series.

“The Royal Household has had two fully electric cars, and one hybrid, for official use by the Royal Mews and there are two existing dedicated charging units for these vehicles, at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.”

The royal spokesperson also confirmed the expansion of the green power royal car fleet, which would involve replacing the existing vehicles with electric cars and vans, which is a priority for the gardening team. These vehicles will be used for transporting machinery, plants, personnel and more.

Queen Elizabeth is an enthusiastic driver and the accomplished mechanic, Her Majesty supports the plans to influence motorway services hoping that petrol station chains will begin to introduce electric charging points in their garages. At the end of the day, the Queen has embraced electrical vehicles sooner than individuals would have expected.

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