The Progress of the Electric Van

Over the period of four years, Mercedes Benz has been carrying out extensive tests into one hundred electric versions of the Vito commercial vehicle. We anticipate van insurance customers will be interested to hear how these tests are progressing, as the electric vehicle could well change the face of motoring.

The hundred test vans have now collectively covered 400,000 miles, having reached the half way stage in what is set to be a four year test. We hope we are not jumping the gun here at Van Compare, but at this stage the results look particularly positive, which may help to reduce the running costs of van insurance customers in the future.

The vehicles in question have been tested rigorously whilst carrying out tasks many van insurance customers will recognise, as courier vans, service vehicles for plant maintenance, customer service vehicles and providing internal transport for construction companies.

The news filtering out of the Mercedes camp is encouraging, with drivers reporting how easily the vehicles are able to handle all that is thrown at them. Initial concerns about the suitability of electric vans centered on their battery life, with many van insurance customers doubtful of their ability to carry out tasks sufficiently.

The tests have found the electric vans are easily capable of covering up to 50 miles a day when fully charged, which for many inner city uses is satisfactory; however, such limited coverage is still likely to be a cause for concern for some van insurance customers.

The trials have unearthed some reservations about the capabilities of the vans; the effect of a power cut for example is a concern, which could lead drivers to face the prospect of a van with a flat battery at the start of the day. The 50 mile coverage is also an issue, as it may not be feasible to make unexpected trips which have not been previously accounted for.

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