The Issue Around Overloading Vans

People quite often wonder and seek our recommendations around the issue of overloading vans; our advice would be – don't do it!

Yet, the way that we get asked so regularly is intriguing in itself. Why is it that there is this inclination that some way or another there is an exception around overloading vans?

The law is exceptionally direct. Each van will have both axle and general weight limits. These points will be found on the manufacturers plate' which all vans must have and can be found under the hood or around the passenger door. It is an offence under the Road Traffic Act (1988) to work a vehicle in abundance of these points of confinement and both the driver and the business are at risk of being fined with a most extreme fine of up to £5000.

The issue with regards to overloaded vans isn’t being neglected by the Police and they are progressively stopping and indicting – as they put it, recognising an overloaded van isn't the hardest thing on the planet!

How to abstain from falling foul of the law? We would say the issue is regularly ignorance.

Most vans can physically hold far more as compared to what they can carry legally from a load carrying perspective. We see numerous cases of vans being stacked until the point when they can't fit any more in.

Ensure your drivers know precisely what is anticipated from them and that they comprehend what their vans can lawfully transport.

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