The cost of driving a van could increase if UK road pricing plans are adopted

The Department for Transports’ statistics show that traffic on Britain’s roads has risen by 25% in 15 years. This growing amount of traffic has lead to calls for more road pricing initiatives - such as the congestion charge which is currently in place in Central London - to be brought in across the UK. Kevin Delaney, Head of Road Safety at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, supports calls for road pricing, claiming that it is the only initiative which would succeed in slowing the increasing levels of congestion.

Road pricing has not proved popular with the UK public in the past. A proposed congestion charge was rejected by voters in Greater Manchester in 2008 with only 21% of voters in favour of the rate. Many van drivers are already voicing their concerns about road pricing, stating that with the recent hikes in petrol prices and the recent recession, finances are already under enough strain.

Although road pricing may not be popular with the public, most agree that something must be done to tackle congestion. If road pricing is adopted by the Government to help ease congestion it could add considerably to the cost of running any vehicle, in particular a van, where drivers tend to travel more than car drivers. Van owners are advised to look for ways to cut costs in other areas of their business, an obvious one being their van insurance.

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