‘Save Your Van’ scheme reduces instances of uneconomic repair

There has been a long running issue with the steady decline in the residual value of LDV Vans, with many being written off as uneconomic to repair.

However, thanks to the enduring efforts of Multipart in ensuring the availability of high quality parts, as well as cutting the cost of these parts by up to 15%, owners of commercial vehicles are now seeing the value of their vans remain at a far more stable level.

The problem lies in the expensive modifications which are made to many of the 100,000 LDV vans currently in service. Common modifications include special tool racking, fully belted seats or wheelchair lifts which are often fitted to minibuses. John Cascone, Multipart Sales & Marketing Director, explains: “The value of these modifications is particularly relevant when major crash repair is required; too often perfectly repairable vehicles are written off as parts are either unavailable or too expensive”.

The all new ‘Save Your Van’ initiative puts into place a fast and simple mechanism through which the economic viability of repairing a van can be assessed. The process requires direct co-operation between Multipart, the local LDV dealer and the vehicle repairer, who will resolve to provide parts and labour at a cost which makes the repair of a vehicle a more economical option than writing it off.

John Cascone continues: “Usually LDV fleet operators are looking for up to seven years out of their LDV vans. A large percentage of those in service are owned by local authorities. With the much vilified current public sector cuts, the importance of obtaining the optimum economic lifespan from all local authority assets has never been more important. The ‘Save Your Van’ programme will greatly assist such fleet owners at a real time of need”.

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