Rising number of uninsured drivers triggers the launch of “Stay Insured” campaign

The rise in the number of uninsured drivers on UK roads has prompted the Motor Insurers’ Bureau to launch its “Stay Insured” campaign.

The economic recession is being partly blamed for the sudden increase in uninsured drivers, as people are being forced to cut costs in every aspect of their lives. However, through their “Stay Insured” campaign, the Motor Insurers’ Bureau hopes to highlight to drivers the importance of making certain that their vehicles are insured at all times.

The Motor Insurance Bureau claims that “900,000 drivers under the age of 30 are currently driving without insurance”. If you have a fully comprehensive insurance policy and collide with an uninsured driver then your insurer will pay for the damage, but you may risk losing your no claims bonus. However, if you only have 3rd party insurance then you may have to cover the whole cost of repairs yourself. With there being so many uninsured drivers currently on the roads, car and van drivers are being urged to ensure that they check their insurance covers them for their needs.

Surprisingly, “1 in 10 18-34 year old drivers are unaware that insurance is a legal requirement” and are oblivious to the gamble they take when driving an uninsured vehicle. If you are found to be driving without insurance, you take the risk of receiving a £200 fine, having your vehicle seized and having 6 points added to your licence. On average, 500 vehicles are taken away by police every day in the UK.

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau claims that “3 in 4 drivers” are currently looking to cut insurance costs. If you fall into this majority there is no need to consider driving uninsured. Van Compare can help you save money by comparing van insurance quotes from major insurers, to find you the most suitable and cheapest van can insurance available.

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