Property management company aims to cut van insurance premiums

One of the leading property management service companies in the south of England, Osbourne, has signed up with GreenRoad’s driver and fleet management service in a bid to reduce van insurance premiums and fuel costs. Osbourne currently runs its fleet of over 170 vans and drivers on one of the busiest and most congested road networks in the country and is hoping to improve levels of safety and cut costs across the fleet.

GreenRoad is a fleet management service which provides organisations with the ability to coach and manage drivers as well as providing a birds-eye view of a fleet, with dashboards that monitor driver behaviour and idling. This enables companies to identify risky and poor habits, which can reduce the cost of van insurance premiums further down the line.

Paul McCulloch, group supply chain manager, said: “GreenRoad was the only service that could both change driving behaviour and sustain that change. It’s like having a driving instructor continuously reminding drivers to think about safety. GreenRoad represents a critical step in greener, more fuel efficient driving as well as reducing incident rates further.”

Driver safety is a key issue for Osbourne, with most of their drivers operating in London and having to endure heavy traffic and congestion. The idling feature of the scheme is likely to help contribute to increased miles per gallon.

Osbourne is also planning on introducing a driving incentive programme to work in tandem with the fleet management system, with the aim of keeping its drivers committed to green driving techniques and to introduce an element of competition between managers and their teams to further enhance the benefits of the cost cutting exercise.

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