Possible privatisation of roads sparks fears for van drivers

With the privatisation of Britain’s roads looming threateningly on the horizon and this week’s petrol problems, many van drivers will now be thinking about new ways to cut down on the cost of modern driving. Cheaper van insurance cover is just one solution - but what will private UK roads mean for van drivers across the country?

The government’s plans are very vague at the present time. Currently the only certainty is that a number of options are being considered by Cameron’s new feasibility study. This study will investigate how private investment could be used to improve Britain’s roads and its bank balance. The study will also be looking at ways for private companies to add tolls to the new roads and new capacities they may create.

As a way to improve the state of our badly over-capacity road network it sounds like a solid enough scheme, but how the fallout will affect van drivers and those who use roads all day, every day as part of their profession remains to be seen.

The fear is that, once again, drivers will be hit in the pocket. Combined with the cost of many van insurance cover policies, the cost of road tax, the cost of servicing and maintaining a vehicle and the rocketing cost of petrol, new tolls could be the final blow for motorists.

The drive to give Britain’s infrastructure a serious boost is commendable, but who ultimately funds these great improvements could seriously jeopardise people’s livelihoods. Here at Van Compare we’ll continue to watch these developments with interest and continue to offer affordable van insurance cover to help drivers lower the cost of keeping their vehicles on the road in our turbulent economy.

If you would like to start making savings on van insurance cover now, before these potential changes start to bite, take a moment to look through Van Compare’s excellent van insurance cover policies online. Alternatively, give us a call today on 0800 035 7111 to find out how we can help you to save.

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