Petrol prices set to soar, UK van drivers warned

Over the past day, the news has been filled with speculation that the price of petrol could reach £1.20 a litre across the UK in the space of a few weeks. The climb in the cost of petrol is thought to be due to an increase in its wholesale price, which has risen by around 17% in the past month.

If the price of petrol does reach £1.20 across the UK (some parts of London already pay this price), it would be a record high, causing the cost of motoring to rise considerably for all vehicle owners and especially for van drivers and other commercial vehicles.Many van owners are calling for Alistair Darling to reconsider a rise in petrol duty planned for 1 April. The additional tax could push petrol prices up by 3p, something that many van drivers are claiming would cripple their businesses, especially as the country is still struggling to pull through from one of the toughest recessions the UK has ever seen.

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