New Ford Transit Connect Leader van for under £10,000

Ford has announced the introduction of two new entry versions of its best selling Transit van. The new cut price version will have many of the same features as the full price models, though prices are significantly lower.

At only £11,995, the new Transit Leader is over £5,000 cheaper than the current model. The van is a diesel 2.2-litre 260 SWB 85hp model that is only available in white.

The £9,995 Transit Connect Leader is available in red, white and blue and is the standard 200 model SWB van. Powered by a 95hp 1.8-litre diesel engine, the main difference to the current entry level Transit is that this version doesn’t offer the load-lining or side door that is found on the rest of the range.

Whilst these new Transit vans are priced very competitively, it isn’t believed that they will become best sellers. Many van drivers will opt for versions with a higher level of features and this is seen by some as Ford’s way of taking attention from other van manufacturers who have recently announced lower priced vans.

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