More enlightening insights into the world of the white van man

After the revelation in this very Van Compare news section that the UK’s van drivers rank Rihanna’s ‘Only Girl in the World’ as one of their top five songs to drive to, we bring you further eye opening exposés. Where will the evolution of the UK’s stereotypical van insurance customer stop? Soon there’ll be a vase of freshly cut flowers on the dashboard of every Ford Transit.

The van and car hire rental company, Sixt, have carried out a poll of 2,000 van drivers, asking a number of probing questions. The results are astonishing, with highlights including, ‘A fifth of van men keep grooming products in their glove box!’

So, to the survey; make sure you’re sitting down for the results!

The stereotype of a bad-tempered, tailgating van driver is, it seems, a thing of the past. Just under a tenth of van drivers admitted to losing their temper behind the wheel, whilst only 8% admitted to regularly exceeding the speed limit. However, in somewhat conflicting evidence, 17% admitted to swearing at other motorists and 18% to continually beeping the horn when stuck in traffic, leaving us to assume that this was done calmly and without a hint of anger.

Apparently the days of pies, chocolate bars and regular stops at greasy, roadside eateries are also numbered, with nearly two thirds of drivers trying to eat healthily whilst out on the road. 21% of van insurance customers also admit to keeping a healthy snack within easy reach in case their appetites get the better of them.

When it comes their appearance it seems a cold flannel once a day is simply not enough for a 21st century van driver. Far from it; one in five van drivers stash face cream in the glove box to keep themselves looking fresh faced and wrinkle free. One in ten will accompany the face cream with a chap stick to keep lips soft, moist and perfectly plump.

Despite these findings there is one thing that van drivers across the UK will agree on, and that’s the need for cheap van insurance. If you’re looking for van insurance for a newly purchased vehicle, or it’s renewal time and you’d like to find a cheaper quote, here at Van Compare we’ll find the cheapest quotes in minutes from the UK’s leading insurers.

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