Looking after your tyres leads to cheap van insurance

With an ever increasing number of van operators in the UK at risk of causing a tyre related accident, failure to properly maintain the condition of tyres remains the most frequent reason for light commercial vehicles failing spot checks throughout the country.

Van drivers and the businesses they work for have the responsibility of maintaining the tyres on their vehicles; neglecting to do this can lead to a severe punishment. If a driver’s tyres are deemed to not be road legal, they will be looking at a maximum fine of £2,500 and three penalty points for each illegal tyre.

Although such a punishment may seem severe, with the number of accidents caused by damaged tyres on the rise, it is hoped the fine will act as a powerful deterrent. And not only will the correct maintenance of your tyres help you avoid a hefty penalty, it will also enable you to find cheap van insurance quotes.

Stuart Jackson, Chairman of TyreSafe, explains: “Van tyres lead a particularly hard life so it is critical that operators regularly check their condition for signs of damage or premature and uneven wear. Building site debris or regular scuffing on kerbs can cause significant damage to tyres, which, if left unchecked, may result in their failure at a critical moment. This greatly increases the risk of serious injury for the driver as well as other road users.

There are not just the punitive costs of failure to maintain your tyres; there are also other costs to consider. Firstly, with an increase in the risk of an accident comes an increase in your van insurance premiums. The two are directly related, and overtime, if you run a fleet of vans, you will certainly feel the pinch. Secondly, under-inflated tyres will not only wear out more quickly, they will also detrimentally affect your fuel economy. Vehicle downtime will also increase, as your van will spend more time at the roadside or in the workshop, requiring tyre repair or replacement; consequently your vehicle is not earning money and deliveries are not being made.”

Jackson continues: “The rising trend of tyre related prohibition defects is extremely worrying. I would urge all businesses, large or small, to ensure they have robust procedures in place to regularly check the condition of their fleet’s tyres”.

If you take the maintenance of your vehicles seriously and expect to reap the rewards of cheap van insurance as a result, look no further than Van Compare. We specialise in finding you some of the cheapest quotes around.

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