London Van Drivers Targeted: Is Cheap Van Insurance the Answer?

If you’ve been looking for cheap van insurance you may have read our article a few weeks back about the new charges which will fine van drivers in central London. This news has now reached the majority of city drivers and is causing real anger. Many London van drivers are now searching for cheap van insurance in a desperate bid to reduce the cost of driving a van in the Big Smoke.

The nasty thing is that, although reducing emissions is very important and worthwhile, van drivers rely on their vehicles for their livelihoods. Most van drivers are tradespeople and need vans to do their jobs. Without making some serious savings on cheap van insurance or another area of their business, many London tradesmen are going to really struggle financially.

Sourcing cheap van insurance is one good method of cutting costs, but it might not be enough to save small businesses, especially in this financial climate. Van drivers in the capital will either need to pay fines of £250-£500 every day they drive in the newly delimited London Emission Zone (LEZ), or pay £1500 for a special filter, or buy a brand new van. Although van drivers could stand to make great savings on cheap van insurance, it is not likely to be enough to make working in the LEZ any more affordable.

Sadly, it is small businesses and tradespeople who are going to lose out thanks to the new charges. In the current economy, these are the people the government ought to be supporting. Cheap van insurance is not going to be enough to prevent many London-based tradespeople losing their livelihoods.

If you are looking to cut costs however, cheap van insurance is a good place to start. Van Compare is a specially designed website which will allow you to perfectly tailor your insurance to your requirements and your vehicle, and then compare quotes from all the top insurers. If you need to make savings when it comes to your vehicle, finding cheap van insurance which suits you is a step in the right direction.

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