London leads the way with state of the art refuelling station

With a view to decreasing the omnipresent air pollution problem in and around the nation’s capital, Camden council has become the first in the UK to operate its own fleet of vehicles powered entirely by renewable energy. And to recharge their fleet of green vans, Elektromotive has installed England’s first three-phase charging station, specifically designed to recharge the CO2 free fleet. And what’s more, the electric vehicle refuelling station, which sources much of its power from the depot’s rooftop solar panels, is going to be available for all drivers of electric vehicles, completely free of charge.

The high powered three-phase charging station is perfect for charging the larger, heavy-duty batteries which are fitted to electric commercial vehicles, which are used on a daily basis around the city centre for transporting heavy loads.

The widespread use of commercial vehicles in London is a major contributor to the city’s air pollution problem. The installation is intended to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption in the city, as well as reducing the cost of operating the fleet for Camden Council, and those local individuals and businesses with compatible vehicles.

Calvey Taylor-Haw, Managing Director of Brighton based Elektromotive, commented that: “The installation of this three-phase charging station in Camden marks the latest stage in the deployment of a fully functioning network of charging stations across the UK. The increase in electric commercial vehicles on our roads has heightened demand for the three-phase charger and Elektromotive will install further units in London and across the UK in the New Year.”

“London is striving to become the capital of zero emissions motoring and the Camden bus depot is the most eco-friendly of its kind in a city which already boasts a hydrogen fuelling station - we thought it to be a natural progression to install the first three-phase unit in England and locate it here”.

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