Increase safety and reduce fleet costs

Recent research carried out by eSafetyAware, has shown that 60% of fleet managers in the UK understand just what an important consideration safety is when deciding upon the vehicles they buy. However, further probing from the research, has shown that very few of these decision makers are actually acting upon their beliefs.

Less than a third, in fact only 28%, admitted they would take the Euro NCAP rating into account when purchasing vans for their fleet. Only 42% had a policy in place which had a stipulation in place for duty of care, whilst 41% said there were no requirements for specific safety equipment, which are readily available, to be fitted to the van.

More than 150 vans driven on company business crash each day. This costs fleet managers thousands in repairs and increased insurance premiums. There is also the human cost to consider, with an estimated 7000 deaths and injuries involving at-work drivers.

Adrian Walsh, Roadsafe Director, believes, “Fleet decision makers rightly focus on driver behaviour, but many seem to overlook the importance of buying or leasing safe vehicles.”

“They must look out for those equipped with the latest technology, such as Electronic Stability Control, and those with the highest Euro NCAP ratings. There is a strong business case for investing in eSafety in fleets. Evidence from our campaign partners proves this.”

The government-backed campaign, the Driving for Better Business scheme, recognises the benefits of procuring vehicles with eSafety systems.

Arval UK is one such business. The fleet and fuel management company has made the decision, across the board, to only purchase vehicles fitted with Electronic Stability Control. This policy has lead to a dramatic decrease in the number of accidents, falling by 15% in a two year period. This decline has helped cut fleet repair costs by more than 50%.

Compulsory extras in its fleet, including Advanced Braking Systems and reverse parking sensors, have greatly reduced the risks of fatal road accidents; however, there really is no substitute for careful driving.

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