How green is your fleet? Only as green as your drivers

As the economy slowly begins to pick up after such a desperately bad spell for transport companies across the UK, fleet managers are starting to look at options for renewal. However, with so many companies keen to save every possible penny on their overheads, it is certainly worth considering even the greenest van can only be as green as its driver.

The Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) Drive & Survive is calling for all fleet managers and business drivers to invest in eco-driver training in a bid to improve efficiency.

Simon Elstow, IAM Drive & Survive Head of Training, strongly believes in the importance of creating greener drivers: “Companies no doubt consider green credentials when buying new company cars, but they may not realise how much more efficiently their employees could be driving.”

“Simple techniques such as advanced anticipation, intelligent route planning and speed control can increase your fuel economy by 50%, as well as vastly reducing your journey time.”

“Ecolution, our fuel-saving driver training course, has increased the MPG of one company’s fleet by nearly 30%: a huge saving in terms of fuel bills. Efficient driving also means reduced wear and tear on the car, a better resale value and less frequent car replacement; an eco-burden in itself.”

Individuals, irrespective of their profession are becoming more and more mindful of their environmental responsibilities and are increasingly conscious of the effect their fuel consumption has on their wallets. A forthcoming report has found an increasing trend in companies opting for more fuel efficient vehicles, with twice as many new diesel company cars compared to private cars being registered every year.

Green driving goes hand in hand with safe driving, so the greener you are as a driver, the less you may have to pay for future van insurance. Speak to Van Compare today about cheap van insurance and ways to lower the cost of cover. We scour the market and compare van insurance quotes from over 20 of the leading UK van insurance providers to find you a great deal.

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