Transit engineers go to extremes

Apparently there is no such thing as just a van. Recent research undertaken has shed some light into the extent of engineering required to make the Ford Transit the van so many commercial enterprises rely upon.

According to the research, the average light commercial van is far more of an engineering feat than many of us would give it credit for. An average Ford Transit van engine can expect to be started 109 engine starts in a day; so from these statistics a Ford Transit covering 240,000km will have to start 222,200 times in their lifetime. In comparison, a car which is used very frequently, for personal and business use will start an average of only 19 times a day.

There is also an impact from the driving styles of van drivers compared to drivers of an average family saloon. The research compared the Ford Transit to the Ford Mondeo in respect to the number of average gear shifts each can expect in its lifetime. The average Ford Transit will see an outstanding 4.9million gear changes during its projected 240,000km lifespan, which is double what the average Ford Mondeo will experience.

The research also revealed that the Ford Transit van is tested 3,200 times against angled strikes of a curb, to ensure your van is capable of parking on a curb as often as you need it to. In comparison, a car will undergo this test just 24 times.

So perhaps it’s easy to see why the Ford Transit Van is the nation’s favourite van, with such rigorous testing it truly is built to last.

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