Ford Transit is Most Stolen Van in UK | Van Insurance News

Fresh statistics confirm that the Ford Transit is at the top of thieves’ hitlists. According to recent figures 17.6% of vehicles stolen on UK roads are Ford Transits. Experts believe that this high rate of theft is due to a number of factors.Van Insurance news investigates...

Firstly there is the suggestion that thieves are often tempted by Ford Transits because they are generally used to transport expensive tools and equipment which can be easily sold on for a profit. If you use a Ford Transit for work you will need to have van insurance which covers this eventuality. Not all van insurance policies cover tools left or stored in the van itself as standard so it is worth double checking any existing, or potential, van insurance policy to make sure, alternatively removing your equipment from the van and storing it somewhere safe is an alternative.

Another factor is that the actual materials which go into a Ford Transit, including its various parts, can be taken apart and sold for extremely tempting amounts - this means that thieves do not need to be so cautious about selling on a stolen motor but can still make a profit.

Your van insurance should cover the circumstances in which your Ford Transit gets stolen unless you have been particularly careless, then you may have some problems with van insurance. However, whether or not you have good van insurance, there are a few key ways in which thieves are currently targeting Ford Transits and other vehicles which you can take steps to prevent.

For example, often thieves will try to get hold of your keys through a letter box or open window in your house. This removes the need for them to break into the van. Make sure you secure all windows when you leave the house and leave your keys somewhere inaccessible.

If you have a garage and store your van in there when it is not out on the road you could prevent theft and even get a better deal on car insurance. Finally, it may sound simple, but make sure you lock your care if you are ever away from it, even if it is just for a minute or two. If the van is unlocked it is a prime target for thieves and could invalidate your insurance.

Although Ford Transits are the most tempting LCV on UK roads, if you follow these basic rules you will be far less likely to have your van stolen and you will have no need to claim van insurance. However, sometimes these things are unavoidable and a good van insurance deal can make all the difference in these situations.

Van Compare offers a range of van insurance options to fit your circumstances. Whether you are an ‘at risk’ Ford Transit driver or drive a less tempting van, we will be able to get you the best deals on the market. Get a quote instantly on our website or call our knowledgeable team on 0800 035 7182 today.

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