Festive Van Decorations Could Scupper Van Insurance

For many tradespeople their van is their office. It is where they work and spend an awful lot of time during the week. Yet van insurance providers are warning that decorating your ‘office on wheels’ could jeopardise your van insurance. It might be tempting to deck your van with boughs of holly, but those fairy lights and baubles could result in a nasty accident, which your van insurance might not cover...

There are lots of ways in which regular road users try to let the spirit of Christmas into their vans. From a little mistletoe, to a couple of tasteful angels on the dashboard, to fairy lights, specially designed to hook up to a van’s cigarette lighter.

As charming as this all sounds, it could be dangerous rather than delightful in the end. Flashing lights have been known to dazzle and disorientate drivers, causing road accidents. Meanwhile, small ornaments are liable to roll and slide causing, not only distraction, but also danger. Imagine getting a bauble beneath your brake? The fact that your van insurance is unlikely to cover any damage caused by extravagant Christmassy accessories makes the situation even worse.

It is a shame that van insurance forces drivers to be so “Bah Humbug” come Christmas time, but really, safety does need to come first. There are other ways to enjoy the festivities on the road, without sacrificing your safety. A Christmas CD full of your favourite wintery tunes is a far safer alternative and gives you the opportunity to exercise your vocal chords en route, without jeopardising your safety or your van insurance.

To find out more about van insurance during the Christmas period, or to snap up a fantastic festive deal on your van insurance, visit the rest of our website and try our van insurance comparison tool today! For any extra information or assistance, just call our team on 0800 035 711.

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