Eco vans set to revolutionise the market and reduce van insurance costs

An eco revolution has begun at Balfour Beatty as the infrastructure and construction company are all set to equip their fleet of 1,400 commercial vehicles with the revolutionary GreenRoad 360 system.

GreenRoad’s innovative new system provides real time reports and analysis on the driving events captured by the in-vehicle system in a bid to cut accidents and drastically reduce fuel usage.

Each van will be fitted with an LED display in the cab with a green, amber and red light. These lights will instantly warn the driver if he accelerates too quickly, corners too wildly, or is breaking the speed limit. Managers and drivers alike can then use the data collected to assess where driving habits can be improved and the risk of accidents reduced.

Several Balfour Beatty depots already use the GreenRoad 360 system and initial results show a 60 percent reduction in risky driving techniques and a cut in fuel usage of up to 10%. Brent Mitchell, head of support services, was delighted with the results: “Our fuel bill was £12m last year so a 10% reduction represents significant savings at the pumps; we have also experienced a reduction in accidents, which should have a positive impact on our van insurance premium.”

Widespread use of such systems should result in fewer accidents and therefore a reduction in van insurance costs. If you are looking to save money on van insurance then contact Van Compare. We compare van insurance quotes offered from over twenty leading insurance providers to help you find the cheapest van insurance quotes.

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