Drop in van sales: will this affect cheaper van insurance?

Van dealers have reported a drop in van sales in all areas of the UK outside of London. With fewer people buying new vans and more, less dependable, old vans out on the roads could cheaper van insurance be out of the question?

A number of sources outside of London, who are involved in the cheaper van insurance, have reported decreased interest in their stock. With fewer people buying vans and older, more dilapidated LCVs loose on UK roads, could your chances of finding cheaper van insurance suffer?

The problem seems to be a lack of quality used vans out there on the market. It appears that although there is no real drop in the numbers of used vans available, the quality of the vans for sale has seriously deteriorated. Very few people are willing to buy a van that requires significant repairs and which scuppers their chances of finding a cheaper van insurance provider.

In order to avoid the cheaper van insurance problem, many industry experts are suggesting that used van dealers put a little time and money into reconditioning the used vans they are trying to sell on. Consumer concerns about finding cheaper van insurance can be assuaged by a little investment on the part of a van dealer.

The lack of quality used vans on the market means that people buying the current reduced stock of less-roadworthy used vans may be worried they will not be able to find the cheaper van insurance they have been hoping for. Reconditioning used van stock could help regain buyer confidence and protect customers from missing out on cheaper van insurance.

But it is not all doom, gloom and extra expenditure. In London used van dealers are trading at normal rates, although the upcoming regulations coming in in January 2012 relating to van weight in London may have affected the figures somewhat. Another possible upside is that the unstable used van market could stimulate healthy competition. This is the kind of month in which a used van dealership can really sink or swim!

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