Customers buy cheap van insurance online and vehicles in showrooms

As the largest vehicle auctioneer in the world, Manheim Auctions in the UK has revealed some insightful statistics which shed light on the buying habits of the British consumer. Although millions are happy to buy cheap van insurance online, many are less confident when it comes to buying vehicles online.

The figures reveal just how reluctant many motorists are to buy cars or vans without having seen the condition of the vehicle for themselves. However, they will use the internet for a vast amount of research before making their purchasing decision, with the average consumer spending 18 hours online deciding on the perfect vehicle.

Two thirds of motorists have admitted to not having the confidence to buy online, although millions are more than happy to use the internet to compare and buy cheap van insurance. A quarter said that whilst they’d be happy to find a car or van and agree a price online, they certainly wouldn’t part with the cash until they’d seen it.

Craig Mailey, marketing director at Manheim Auctions explained: “There is no question that the internet has become the primary research tool for motorists looking to buy a car or for those buying cheap van insurance. However, when it comes to buying the vehicle without having seen the car first, many consumers are simply not ready to take the plunge; they see buying online as a step too far. Motorists are wary and despite the rise in the number of used car websites, we’ve found consumers to not be confident enough to make such a purchase online.”

The study also revealed how many van drivers and other motorists will spend hours trawling for their next vehicle even when they are completely happy with the one they currently own. They compare makes and models as well as prices, and with the cost of van insurance currently high, many will look to see if cheap van insurance quotes are available on a particular vehicle.

If you are considering buying a used van then Van Compare is the place to go when looking for a cheap van insurance quote. We do the hard work and scour the leading insurers for you, leaving you free to decide just

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