Curbing your temper leads to cheaper van insurance quotes

Driving anywhere can be frustrating at times. Traffic, poor drivers, and a lack of courtesy and patience can all lead to a sense of frustration, and it seems, according to recent research, we Brits lose our tempers more readily than our European counterparts.

In a survey commissioned by the RAC foundation, 13,000 drivers across 23 European countries were quizzed about their anger levels behind the wheel, with the UK topping the poll as the most uptight.

However, Van Compare urges drivers to remain calm behind the wheel. Not only will it do your health the world of good, it will also increase your likelihood of receiving cheap van insurance quotes when it’s time to renew your policy.

Almost nine out of ten British drivers admitted to becoming wound up behind the wheel by other road users. Violations most likely to make the blood boil included double parking, cutting into queuing traffic, changing lanes without indicating and leaving full beams on when following closely behind or overtaking. It is thought that such behaviour impacts on our British sensibilities, and breaches our very developed and rigid sense of right and wrong.

At the opposing end of the scale were the Belgians, with only half admitting to ever feeling annoyed with other drivers, a trait which will no doubt improve the quality of their driving, opening the doors to cheaper van insurance quotes.

Two thirds of French drivers admitting to the occasional spout of road rage, whilst German drivers were the most likely to flash their headlights in anger.

With holiday season upon us, Van Compare urges drivers to keep their wits about them and not let a moment of madness affect their access to cheap van insurance quotes in the future. With three million UK motorists heading for the continent over the next few months, it is important not erratic driving by our European brethren affect the way we drive.

If you’re searching for cheap van insurance quotes then Van Compare should be your first port of call. We compare the prices of over twenty of the UK’s top insurers, bringing you cheap van insurance quotes in quickly and simply.

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