Concept Electric Van offers a Window into the Future

Nissan have offered a first glimpse of their concept electric van to motor enthusiasts attending the recent Detroit Motor Show. The energy efficient vehicle, which was previewed as a “near future production model” offers van insurance customers a window into the commercial vehicle market over the next few years as technologies improve. The concept vehicle, based on the current NV200, is expected to hit showrooms across the UK in the near future.

The e-NV200, as the electric version of the van is to be known, is currently undergoing extensive testing at the hands of the Japanese postal service, who are putting the newcomer through its paces in a real-world scenario. The testing has also spread to the west, with the FedEx delivery service operating the vehicles widely in London.

Van insurance customers may already be aware of the Nissan LEAF electric car which is also a fairly new entrant to the electric vehicle market. Some of the technology used in the new e-NV200 has been borrowed from the successful LEAF, as well as elements of the styling.

One drawback van insurance customers currently have with electric vehicles, regardless of the manufacturer, is the limited range they can cover. Although the figures are not yet official, the e-NV200 is expected to have a similar range to the LEAF, which means it should be able to travel anywhere in the region of 62 - 138 miles, depending on a number of factors which will include:

Speed - higher speeds require more energy to overcome air resistance.

Driving Style - as with petrol consumption, the battery of an electric vehicle drains more quickly when a car is driven erratically. Acceleration and deceleration should be steady.

The lie of the land - hills require more energy to climb than is needed to drive along a flat road.

The latest insight into the potential success which awaits the e-NV200 when the van hits the market has been alluded to by its recent triumph in New York’s ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ competition. Van insurance customers stateside can expect to see the commercial vehicle working their capital’s streets late in 2013.

If you’re a van insurance customer looking toward future solutions for energy efficient travel, the e-NV200 is likely to be a major player in the market. Make use of our van insurance comparison tool here at Van Compare and gain access to top quotes from 20 of the leading van insurers in the UK.

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