Citroen Berlingo Makes Great Strides in Reducing Emissions

The new breed of Citroen Berlingo vans have been developed with ‘Stop and Start’ technology, enabling van insurance customers to comply with Transport for London’s latest methods of improving the air quality in the capital, without having to switch off their engines manually.

The Transport for London ‘Switch Off Your Engine’ campaign is attempting to heighten awareness amongst London’s road users to make them aware of the true extent of the harmful fumes that are produced when a vehicle is idling.

The Citroen Berlingo e-HDI Airdream model automates the process of shutting off your engine in traffic, cutting idling time to zero and not only reducing the amount of emissions, but also cutting down the amount van insurance customers will need to spend on fuel. As soon as pressure is released from the brake pedal or the clutch is pressed, the engine will instantaneously restart.

Initial testing has shown that the fuel consumption of the Citroen Berlingo whilst driving in towns and cities is reduced by 15% compared with an equivalent van without the ‘Stop and Start’ technology. This figure is likely to grab the attention of fleet buyers and van insurance customers right across the UK who are looking to cut costs.

The ‘Stop and Start’ technology is currently available as an added feature on the Citroen Berlingo at an added cost of just £145. Given the 15% reduction in fuel consumption the feature can lead to, it is expected to prove particularly popular amongst van insurance customers and fleet buyers alike.

The Citroen Berlingo is also fitted with a Trafficmaster telematics package as standard. This software acts to further reduce the costs of motoring as the system provides the fastest congestion avoidance routing direct to the driver, making the Citroen Berlingo e-HDI Airdream a vehicle worth real consideration for van insurance customers living or working in the capital.

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